With Knowledge Comes Responsibility

With Knowledge Comes Responsibity. This is a lesson I learned as I entered the work force. I am not shy in telling people I LOVE GOSSIP. I am nosy and I like to know everyone’s business. Who’s dating who? Who hates who? When, where, and why did such a thing happen. I am all ears to the gossip mill, but I will be honest, as soon as I am involved I can’t handle it. I get overwhelmed, stressed out, and I don’t like knowing that I have hurt people’s feelings. Let’s be real, it is very rare to hear an uplifting rumor. When is the last time you heard, someone say, “You CAN NOT tell anyone this, buuuuut, I heard Donna is doing pretty well in life right now.” NEVER! It just doesn’t happen. Gossip usually results in hurt feelings. I have heard people time and time again leave a group situation saying “there is too much drama. Everyone gossips so much there”. I’m sure you  have heard or said this too. I hate to break the news but, GOSSIP IS EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if you’re working as a sales person in a department store or as a respected surgeon, there is drama and gossip between the staff.  After a few years of working retail, I realized something about gossip that surprised me. I would have coworkers saying, “I heard that last night Mr. Bleh slept with Ms. Blah” and oddly, I found myself getting annoyed that I knew such information. ME! A SELF- PROCLAIMED LOVER OF ALL THINGS GOSSIP!  I would find myself overhear a conversation about a coworker and walk away. These moments were exactly like the R Kelly lyrics, “My mind is telling me no. But my body, MY BODY’S TELLING ME YES!” But the reverse. Honestly, I just thought it would be funny to insert that song here. I can bet you read the lyrics the way R. Kelly sings them. My mind said, “YAAASS! Stay listen, this is good stuff.” My body on the other hand knew that sometimes, just knowing information can be just as dangerous as passing it along.

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