My Brand


Having or full of quirks

A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality

I have always thought quirky just meant a little odd, but after reading the dictionary definition (above) it seems that quirky actually means complete weirdo. Never the less I chose the word quirky to define my brand. I think quirky is a word that both I and those that are close to me can agree describes me well. I am the girl in the car beside you at the red light with her music blasting, singing  with all of her heart, all by herself. I am the girl posing with manikins in department store windows for a snapchat pic, and dancing oddly behind strangers. Basically I am the friend you don’t hang out with in public (if you’re boring that is). 9 times out of 10 I am not afraid of embarrassing myself if it makes for a good story later on. In high school I was OBSESSED with cheesy pic up lines (I still love a good chessy pick up line). I enjoyed reciting pickup lines to all my friends and would try to sound as serious as possible. I can recall running up to friends with a very concerned look on my face saying, “OH MY GOSH are you o.k? Did it hurt?” (I’m sure you know whats coming next) “WHEN YOU FELL FROM HEAVEN?” When the popular lines got old I would make up my own pickup lines and when all my friends started to know them by heart, I took it a step further, turning into a string of dares. “I will give you 2$ if you go say this line to that cute boy over there.” Thankfully a lot of my friends were chickens and I got to save my money.  However there was one incident where I got caught up in my own dare. Seeing my crush walk past me in the hallway I decided to dare a friend to use one of the lines on him. When she refused I became frustrated up’ed price called her a baby. To my surprise she responded with the classic, “YOU DO IT THAN!” She called my bluff. I couldn’t back down now. With out a second thought I agreed. I walked right up to the boy of my dreams, tapped him on the shoulder and said “if I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” He laughed and uncomfortably said “wait what?” My friend walked past me and into her class shaking her head, I looked up my crush awkwardly laughed and said “it was a dare sorry” and quickly walked away. Needless to say he didn’t fall in love with me after that, so I guess pick up lines don’t actually work. I’ve always been known to do corny, and some what embarrassing things to entertain myself and friends. Let’s be honest, I walked out of the situation with a funny story and i’m sure that boy doesn’t even remember the event, so I think it was worth it.

Please let me know in the comments if you know of any good pick up lines.

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