My Brand


Having or full of quirks

A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality

I have always thought quirky just meant a little odd, but after reading the dictionary definition (above) it seems that quirky actually means complete weirdo. Never the less I chose the word quirky to define my brand. I think quirky is a word that both I and those that are close to me can agree describes me well. I am the girl in the car beside you at the red light with her music blasting, singing  with all of her heart, all by herself. I am the girl posing with manikins in department store windows for a snapchat pic, and dancing oddly behind strangers. Basically I am the friend you don’t hang out with in public (if you’re boring that is). 9 times out of 10 I am not afraid of embarrassing myself if it makes for a good story later on. In high school I was OBSESSED with cheesy pic up lines (I still love a good chessy pick up line). I enjoyed reciting pickup lines to all my friends and would try to sound as serious as possible. I can recall running up to friends with a very concerned look on my face saying, “OH MY GOSH are you o.k? Did it hurt?” (I’m sure you know whats coming next) “WHEN YOU FELL FROM HEAVEN?” When the popular lines got old I would make up my own pickup lines and when all my friends started to know them by heart, I took it a step further, turning into a string of dares. “I will give you 2$ if you go say this line to that cute boy over there.” Thankfully a lot of my friends were chickens and I got to save my money.  However there was one incident where I got caught up in my own dare. Seeing my crush walk past me in the hallway I decided to dare a friend to use one of the lines on him. When she refused I became frustrated up’ed price called her a baby. To my surprise she responded with the classic, “YOU DO IT THAN!” She called my bluff. I couldn’t back down now. With out a second thought I agreed. I walked right up to the boy of my dreams, tapped him on the shoulder and said “if I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” He laughed and uncomfortably said “wait what?” My friend walked past me and into her class shaking her head, I looked up my crush awkwardly laughed and said “it was a dare sorry” and quickly walked away. Needless to say he didn’t fall in love with me after that, so I guess pick up lines don’t actually work. I’ve always been known to do corny, and some what embarrassing things to entertain myself and friends. Let’s be honest, I walked out of the situation with a funny story and i’m sure that boy doesn’t even remember the event, so I think it was worth it.

Please let me know in the comments if you know of any good pick up lines.

With Knowledge Comes Responsibility

With Knowledge Comes Responsibity. This is a lesson I learned as I entered the work force. I am not shy in telling people I LOVE GOSSIP. I am nosy and I like to know everyone’s business. Who’s dating who? Who hates who? When, where, and why did such a thing happen. I am all ears to the gossip mill, but I will be honest, as soon as I am involved I can’t handle it. I get overwhelmed, stressed out, and I don’t like knowing that I have hurt people’s feelings. Let’s be real, it is very rare to hear an uplifting rumor. When is the last time you heard, someone say, “You CAN NOT tell anyone this, buuuuut, I heard Donna is doing pretty well in life right now.” NEVER! It just doesn’t happen. Gossip usually results in hurt feelings. I have heard people time and time again leave a group situation saying “there is too much drama. Everyone gossips so much there”. I’m sure you  have heard or said this too. I hate to break the news but, GOSSIP IS EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if you’re working as a sales person in a department store or as a respected surgeon, there is drama and gossip between the staff.  After a few years of working retail, I realized something about gossip that surprised me. I would have coworkers saying, “I heard that last night Mr. Bleh slept with Ms. Blah” and oddly, I found myself getting annoyed that I knew such information. ME! A SELF- PROCLAIMED LOVER OF ALL THINGS GOSSIP!  I would find myself overhear a conversation about a coworker and walk away. These moments were exactly like the R Kelly lyrics, “My mind is telling me no. But my body, MY BODY’S TELLING ME YES!” But the reverse. Honestly, I just thought it would be funny to insert that song here. I can bet you read the lyrics the way R. Kelly sings them. My mind said, “YAAASS! Stay listen, this is good stuff.” My body on the other hand knew that sometimes, just knowing information can be just as dangerous as passing it along.


  • Y.O.L.O- An acronym for You Only Live Once. Created and popularized by rapper Drake in 2011.
  • M.F.W.T.D-An acronym for Memories Fade, Write Them Down. Created and never popularized in 2017 by Arianne Jackson.

I have never been one to sit and write out my feelings in a diary, though I have always loved to write. I owned plenty of diary’s and journals as a kid but could never seem to fill the pages. Unlike my younger sister Vannessa (who also enjoy’s writing), who would completely cover her diary page’s front to back. (Yes, you read that correctly. I secretly read ALL my sisters deep dark secrets. What can I say, I’m nosy) Vannessa’s Diary resembled a melodramatic teenage girl with a voice over in a kid’s television show. Each entry would begin with a sweet “Dear Diary” and continue into descriptive detail of any given day, how she felt about the events that occurred, and how that would affect her in the upcoming days.  Vannessa wrote as if the diary was her best friend. My diaries, however, sounded like this: “Today was fun, I loved it. Today I…etc.”  or “Today was bad…etc.”  By comparison one may conclude that my sister had more depth than me.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized my diaries were not a lack of depth, just a unique perspective.

While my sister used her diary to vent and work though her emotions, I used mine as a time capsule. I have always been an “enjoy the moments, because they are fleeting” type of thinker and this is shown quit well in my old diary entries. I felt it more important to capture a specific date and time that would never happen again than to express an emotion that I am sure I will experience many times in my future (though I’m sure to different extents).  This brings me to today. For so many reasons I feel like my 20’s have been my most awkward years. Age 20 to present have been my years of really coming into my own. My choice in clothing has changed (but not much). My goals have dramatically changed, and I am noticing that so many of the sayings I would hear growing up, but never put much thought into, are suddenly making perfect sense.

Like I said, I have never been one to complete a journal or to sit and write out my feelings in a diary. However, I do realize that Memories Fade, and it would be smart to Write Them Down. I started a blog in hopes that one day I will get married, have children, and when those children turn 20 they can read this and realize, if they feel like being a young adult is difficult, they are not alone. If I am not able to marry, have children, or finish this, maybe it will just be something for my friends and family to remember me by. Maybe I will live till age 100 (God willing) and I can look back and remember the small moments that made me, me. Regardless of what ever is to come of this page, it’s fun to remember and write down all the epiphanies that have made me feel like I am slowly but surely becoming an adult.

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